Thursday, September 29, 2011

Afternoon with Tea with Wheatley

Good days, bad days...

Yesterday was my second busiest day since opening. Note to self, plant seeds of marketing and develop new business relationships on days that are blah(code name slow). My motivation and passion to succeed at the tea business must continue to ignite interest and attention to the masses who are unaware.  Give away samples and ask guests what are there favorites.  Working on a Chocolate Macaroon and ordered Jasmine tea and Mango bubble tea just a few insights from talking with guests.

Spend money with others in your vicinity and they will do likewise.  Instead of following a trend, i.e. today is National Coffee day, create your own trend and market niche.  Allow others to piggy back market with you and they will do likewise.  Check your balance sheet daily and know where you stand, better to kneel before a fall, prayer will lift you up.  Amazing, just as I finished the last statement, got a call to do an interview next week. 

You market yourself and your business every day, watch how you interact and intentionally insight positive body language as well as conversations.  Won't you come and have tea? If not with me with your local tea venue, you'd be amazed at what conversationalist most tea fanatics are.  Finally, slow days, get organized it is paramount to being successful.

Open for Blessings

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