Monday, October 17, 2011

Oolong tea to begin the week

Today I am having Jade Oolong, one of my favorites, but has dropped to 2nd after experiencing the Milk Oolong.  Great finish and on my third infusion and it is still wonderful although the steeping has increased.  Business has been good; not great, wonder where your true friends are, open a business and see if they show up.  So far only one has.  For many years I gave, taught and embellished hospitality, now it is the best part of my business model.  I get e-mails and fliers from Tevanna, but my last experience was not good.  I have established a small following of true tea drinkers, and doing an off site event.  But seems only a few of the locals have the curiosity of trying tea.  I assure you once they do, like myself, they too will convert.  Many have suggested to carry coffee, but we have many coffee venues.  My mission is to create a niche of value that hasn't been saturated.  Hat day coming up on the 29th, I will be sporting a fedora as my grandfather always sported and the most unique hat will when a prize!  Tea tasting did not go well as there are not that many converts yet.  Still open for blessings...stop by if in the area, and create a new memory.

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  1. Just happened upon your blog this morning- I am planning a trip with my niece and will be in your neighborhood in November. What are the shops hours? I would LOVE to see pictures of the shop!