Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday once again

Hello again Tea Followers,

I am making a vow to those who follow me to write at least once a day when open.  It seems that time flys when your having fun, it's been a week.  Today I am writing about one of the most important things to making tea, water. I just finished reading "The Art of Tea", and it devoted multiple pages on the best water. And yes rushing spring water was the most favored. I by accident or without knowledge, only brew my tea beverages with Nicolet Spring water, official Green Bay Packer water. 

Thanks Dr. Oz, your show this week on teas that help boost weight loss brought new converts to the shop.  Pu-erh, a fermented and aged prized tea from China, that is often aged in caves, two cups.
White tea, my favorite to start the day, two cups at lunch. And Bilberry, which I don't have yet, two cups in the evening. 

The Kombucha Tea is coming along great, more than I can drink! Bring your jar, mug container or whatever and mentioned you heard about it on my blog and get a free cup.

Young tea drinkers, thanks for your patronage, it's super watching you explore the world of tea.
Seasoned drinkers, thanks for the pleasure of great conversation of times past. Thank God, I am not the only one to see Berlin Wall before it came down. Hoorah.

Til we chat again,
Ron W

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