Thursday, May 17, 2012

As Spring continues, Summer on the way

Hello again, fellow tea enthusiasts.  Ice tea is the word of the day, besides the favorite Sweet tea, note most hot teas can be chilled and drunk as ice tea.  Local favorite Unsweetened White, Ginger, Orange, Peach.  Also, Bubble tea has arrived to the mid west. Already popular on the east and west coasts, this Asian phenomena of flavored, sweet, and often times milk based beverage with tapioca pearls has a great following of drinkers.  Also, saw Kombucha tea in our local Sentry market.  Looking forward to the Tea convention.  Something to ponder trying to book a flight, why when oil goes up the airfares increase, but when it drops they don't go down? Business has been slow as most consumers wait on the side line to see where our economy is headed.  Support your local businesses!

Ron W
Tea with Wheatley

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