Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bubble Tea Update

As summer approaches, next weekend officially. Expanding bubble tea - now offering popping pearls with mango, strawberry and orange.  New flavors by next Friday - Strawberry, Honeydew to accompany Watermelon, Chai, Green Tea Latte, Cantaloupe and Mango. Any favorites drop a line, goal is to expand to 12 and then begin offering the slushy ones as well.  Thanks World Tea Expo, great conference! Take aways were bubble tea, squareup, and WuWo ceremony. The passion for tea goes on.

Ron W
Tea with Wheatley

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

High Tea In Vegas

  Sorry Tea followers,

I was amissed to speak of the wonderful High Tea (Cream Tea) I had at the Four Seasons in Vegas.
It was simply fantastic.  Even though it was 104 degrees that day, I swung my blue blazer over my arms and headed to this remarkable establishment, The Four Season Hotel.  I arrived a little early, but they with class got me in and the experience was excellent.  I started with a crisp Berinnger champagne, crisp hint of honey, dry but clean to the palate.  Next I ordered the Assam which was ok, not great but presented fabulously.  Then came a rectangle plate with cups of piped lemon curd, Devon shire cream and a boysenberry jam.  The waiter informed me to start with the scones while they were still hot, breaking in half I spread a little of each of the above and marveled in the currant scones quality and texture, again yum.  There were also a nice selection of finger delicacies from salmon pinwheels to chicken filled cones all superbly done.  I set back, read the sports they brought over, and felt like I had arrived.  What a fantastic establishment, go instead of dropping all your dough on the tables and enjoy a well done tea. Reservations a must.

Ron W
Tea with Wheatley

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tea Cups anyone?

Today was a day of inventory of tea cups, to my surprise I have quite a selection of Royal Albert.  I am sure I have them under priced, but with e-bay auction who knows.  The last day shall be interesting.  Started some Kombucha with Cherry and Chia seeds and Blueberry and Chia seeds.  Bubble tea still seems to be the big seller.  Can't wait to expand the line up.  Found my oolong that I so easily accused TSA of taking, don't like them they always inspect me, latest was to see what was the beverage in my travel tea cup... tea of course.

Happy tea drinking,
Pomegranate Ice Tea tomorrow
Tea with Wheatley

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After the Expo

Great time at the Tea Expo, Wuwo ceremony was very moving. Also, enjoyed the infusion competition and watching how and how not to steep tea.  Most inspirational class was with the millennials, we just don't get it,(boomers).  They want honesty, trust,fast and consistent product exchanges; that they can relate to and share with peers.  I did lose a tasty oolong thru TSA, hope they are enjoying it as much as I would have. Summer time here we come, Matcha lemonade, yum, don't knock it til you try it.

Ron W