Wednesday, June 13, 2012

High Tea In Vegas

  Sorry Tea followers,

I was amissed to speak of the wonderful High Tea (Cream Tea) I had at the Four Seasons in Vegas.
It was simply fantastic.  Even though it was 104 degrees that day, I swung my blue blazer over my arms and headed to this remarkable establishment, The Four Season Hotel.  I arrived a little early, but they with class got me in and the experience was excellent.  I started with a crisp Berinnger champagne, crisp hint of honey, dry but clean to the palate.  Next I ordered the Assam which was ok, not great but presented fabulously.  Then came a rectangle plate with cups of piped lemon curd, Devon shire cream and a boysenberry jam.  The waiter informed me to start with the scones while they were still hot, breaking in half I spread a little of each of the above and marveled in the currant scones quality and texture, again yum.  There were also a nice selection of finger delicacies from salmon pinwheels to chicken filled cones all superbly done.  I set back, read the sports they brought over, and felt like I had arrived.  What a fantastic establishment, go instead of dropping all your dough on the tables and enjoy a well done tea. Reservations a must.

Ron W
Tea with Wheatley

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