Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tea time once again

Wow it's seems like months since I blogged, confused and lost trying to tie my blog to website, and it did not work.  Sipping Forever Spring Oolong, yes even in hot summer I enjoy hot tea. My cold drink of choice is Kombucha, I have gotten past the vinegar nose and the way it makes me feel or not feel is worth it. No joint pain, great probiotic, smooth skin, still waiting for hair to grow back and change from gray to black, when that happens I will tell the world.  Great bubble tea menu has developed, with the help of a new friend Nick from MN. Wow, I feel as if I have been under a rock and society has passed me by.  Creating some new fun flavors! More to follow. Tea cup sales online have been generous, did not realize what a collection of Royal Albert Tea cups I had.

Ron W
Tea with Wheatley

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